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Copy Made Simple

Make Your Life Easier With Simple Copy Solutions

Hello! I'm Patricia. Originally hailing from Mexico's sunny lands, Slovenia has been my home since 2008. My passion lies in content creation and content writing.

My experience in the digital world began in 2012, when I first volunteered to write for blogs. It was an instant connection—I fell in love with the power of storytelling and engaging with readers through written words. Over the years, I transitioned from education to becoming a remote freelancer, armed with a solid grasp of digital marketing and the best SEO practices for crafting compelling content.

As a tech enthusiast, I'm always eager to explore and experiment with new platforms. My writing blends analytical thought with creative energy, ensuring each piece is not only informative but also engaging, capturing your interest with every word.

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Clients Say

Working with Patricia and her team has been a great experience so far!! She is professional, reliable, and responsive to our needs.

She is always proactive in suggesting new ideas and campaigns to keep our social media presence fresh and relevant.

Overall, we are extremely satisfied and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to enhance their online presence.

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Patricia drinking some coffee while working
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